Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chronicle of Tyrants - Nemesis MMIV (2004)

Band: Chronicle of Tyrants
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Country: Germany

It's rare to see a modern melodic "death metal" band actually pay homage to one of their supposed influences like Carcass or At the Gates without castrating the sound and making metalcore in the process. While telling them that their music, in no way, reflects what the original bands of the Gothenburg and Swedish death metal scenes brought to the table but, on the contrary, makes a mockery of them, might provoke a look of utter disbelief, there is, or was, at least one band out there that hadn't misplaced their sense of modern musical interpretation: Chronicle of Tyrants. Having never been signed and splitting up after releasing just one full-length, Chronicle of Tyrants isn't exactly a well-known name in the melodic death metal community but it should be. Putting the death metal back in melodic death metal, Chronicle of Tyrants does justice to many bands like Hypocrisy and Dismember, to name a few, by combining their subtle melody and relentless brutality all in one album. In every sense, Nemesis MMIV is a vastly overlooked, melodic death metal diamond on the rough.

Nemesis MMIV [Full-length](2004)

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