Monday, June 28, 2010

Severe Torture - Slaughtered (2010)

Band: Severe Torture
Genre: Brutal/Technical Death Metal
Country: Netherlands

Severe Torture redeem themselves with Slaughtered, their latest follow-up to 2007's relative disappointment Sworn Vengeance. Brutality isn't exactly the main priority here, as there is a greater amount of focus on melody and solos than their previous albums. Sure, there are a few more conventional Severe Torture tracks like "Unholy Misconception" or "Grave Condition", for example, where the music is about as unrelenting as possible and there isn't a moment's rest. This is, most certainly, a welcome improvement over their last album which didn't provide for too many distinguishable moments and, instead, relied on a technically sound but technically boring assault on the listeners' ears. With more lead guitar fills and more memorable solos, Slaughtered may be Severe Torture's most balanced work yet and one that should prove to be one of the top brutal death metal records come the end of the year.

Slaughtered [Full-length](2010)

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